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Program Proposals

Program Proposals

A faculty-led program is an academic program with an international component. Generally these programs last between one to eight weeks. Preference is given to programs that take place over  J-term or Summer Term. Proposals for study and service learning abroad should originate with faculty/staff and carry the endorsement of the appropriate department chair.  The director of international education welcomes early, informal consultation by faculty/staff and units for program planning and encourages coordinated programming among departments.

The addition of new programs abroad is dependent upon an analysis of  several factors, including: how the program will add to existing overseas programs (academically, geographically, etc.) degree to which the geographic location is appropriate to student learning objectives, feasibility of logistical arrangements, clear evidence of student interest in the country / academic program offered provisions for the health, welfare and safety of program participants and faculty/staff program cost per student likelihood that program will be financially viable (i.e. self-sustaining) effectiveness as an internationalizing and cross-cultural experience for participants.

In addition to ensuring that the program proposed is not directly in competition with existing programs, it is very important to do some informal research to determine the level of student interest in both the geographic region and the academic program planned.  The basis of any successful overseas academic program is a large base of qualified and interested potential participants.

To propose a short-term study or service-learning program overseas, please complete the Study/Service-Learning Program Abroad Proposal Form. Program proposals should be submitted for approval no less than 1 year (12 months) prior to the intended departure date.


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