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Information for Academic Advisors

Information for Academic Advisors
Information for Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors are encouraged to help students formulate a proposed program of study for the student's time on study abroad or exchange and to discuss with the student how this coursework will factor into their degree program at Buffalo State. All courses the student is considering taking abroad must be listed on the Academic Advising Agreement Form with an equivalent Buffalo State department, course number, and purpose of the course (i.e. general education / intellectual foundations / major or minor requirement / major or minor elective / all college elective).

Students must obtain signatures on the Academic Advising Agreement Form from their academic advisor, department chair, and the Office of Financial Aid.

Please note that students planning to use financial aid toward their international program MUST take coursework that directly applies to their Buffalo State degree program to remain eligible for aid. It is the student's responsibility to ensure the coursework taken abroad will fulfill degree requirements. We ask that the student's academic advisor and department chair assist the student by only approving courses that apply to the student's degree program - this can be required general education courses, intellectual foundations courses, major or minor requirements, major or minor electives, or all college elective courses that satisfy graduation requirements.


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