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Academic Advising Agreement Form

International Programs Academic Advising Agreement Form

Buffalo State strives to offer academically relevant study abroad programs to SUNY students. Students from all majors are eligible to study abroad and earn degree credit. A critical piece of preparing to study abroad is considering your academics. Students studying on Buffalo State or SUNY study abroad and exchange programs will receive resident credit for courses taken abroad. These courses will appear on your transcript and be calculated into your Buffalo State grade point average.

After you have conducted your research and identified a program or two that interest you, you’ll want to set up a meeting with your academic advisor to discuss your plans to study abroad. Talking to your academic advisor is an essential part of the study abroad process, helping you ensure that you’ll stay on track with your degree and graduation requirements when you’re abroad. The Office of International Education is not able to advise on course equivalencies or substitution - only your advisor and school can do that - so plan to meet with your advisor early in the planning process.

Once you begin the formal application process for your selected program, you will be required to complete an International Program Academic Advising Agreement with your academic advisor in order to obtain the appropriate departmental approval for the courses you plan to take while you are away. You will work with your academic advisor to establish how the classes you will take abroad will be applied toward your degree program by determining course equivalencies.

When you meet with your academic advisor, you should be prepared with course descriptions of classes you would like to take abroad. It is recommended that you determine course equivalencies for more courses than you will take abroad. These additional courses will serve as alternates if you are unable to enroll in one or more of your preferred courses. You will be responsible for keeping your advisor updated on any changes that are made while you are on study abroad or exchange, so they can properly advise you. If you make any changes to the approved list, you will be required to complete a new International Program Academic Advising Agreement, obtain the appropriate signatures, and submit the new form to the Office of Financial Aid.


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