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Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Contact Information

Get Help In-Country. Know the local equivalent of 911 so that you can get immediate help in case of emergency. The Department of State lists country specific emergency phone numbers. You can find these by searching for the country you will be visiting and looking under the "Safety and Security" tab for that country. 

Contact your insurance provider if the emergency is medical in nature. All Buffalo State students who study abroad are required to be enrolled in SUNY's international health insurance plan administered by United Healthcare. Students should create an account with UHC before leaving the U.S. The UHC contact phone number for each student will be listed on the ID card found in their online portal. General UHC customer service can be reached at 1-888-714-6544. 

Contact the Office of International Education. During our regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM, you can reach us at 716-878-4620.

Contact University Police. If you experience an emergency abroad outside of the Office of International Education's regular business hours, please call the University Police 24 hour line at 716-878-6333.


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