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Diversity & Identity Abroad Resources

Diversity & Identity Abroad
Diversity & Identity Abroad

As you explore your study abroad options, it is important to consider aspects of your identity. Taking the time to learn about social and cultural norms will help you navigate how aspects of your identity may be perceived and treated in your host country. Experiencing new worldviews and perspectives can foster productive intercultural dialogues but they may also present challenges. The resources below can help you begin to prepare for your time abroad.

You may find it helpful to answer these questions before arriving in your host country:

  • What is intersectionality and how might different aspects of your identity intersect/play out during your time abroad?
  • How will local legislation affect how you might express your identity in your host country? (i.e., any laws affecting the LGTBQ+ community in countries like Morocco)
  • What is the perception of U.S. citizens in your host country?
  • What is the historical relationship between your host country and the United States?
  • How is race/ethnicity viewed differently in your host country than at home in the U.S.?
  • Are there any contemporary issues relating to immigration in your host country? If so, how are these viewed by the local population? Might those issues regarding how you or other students on your program identify? How?


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