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Managing Student Applications

Managing Student Applications

Students applying to study away programs must complete an online application, through the Buffalo State application portal.  The application requires the student to provide contact information, an essay describing the academic and personal benefits of participating in the program, two academic references, official college transcripts and to pay a non-refundable $40 application fee.  Once accepted, a student is required to submit a deposit to indicate their commitment to particpate.

The application may be amended for particular programs at the request of the faculty program director; for instance, the topic of the essay may be changed or one of the references may be waived.  Any changes to the application requirements must be approved by the director of international education. For programs run in cooperation with another college/university, the receiving institution may have their own required application form.  

For all programs, the application forms are submitted by applicants to the Office of International Education. The program director and the Office of International Education must determine together the application deadline, as well as whether applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis or on a set date. Some faculty may also be interested in brief interviews (15-20 minutes). These may be conducted by phone, if necessary. Faculty directors will be expected to help manage the application review in conjunction with the Office of International Education. 

A procedure for the review of completed applications must be established by the program director and the Director of International Education prior to any advertisement of the program.


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